In Trioplast the driver for innovation is always a clearly stated customer need. We have a history of customer centric innovation, where we together find new ways to create value for the benefit of the end user. We find this to be the best way of developing solutions and products, to maximize value at the same time minimize time-to-market for our products and solutions.

Our capabilities to drive innovation are well developed. In our 10 production units we have application specific R&D competences, combined with laboratory and accredited testing facilities. We constantly invest in state of the art R&D and testing equipment to be able to stay in front of any legislative demand or customer request that might occur.

Our supporting network of competence consist of long term innovation collaborations, both forward and backward in the value chain. We do systematic screening of upcoming technology in the area of polyethylene, as well as green field innovation projects with main global polyethylene producers. There are also a number of regional and local innovation initiatives ongoing, to drive customer close innovation.


A number of market leading innovations within agricultural, industrial and hygiene application areas have originated from collaborations between Trioplast and our partners/customers. A few but important examples are:


A gamechanger to the recycling industry. Together with Infinitum in Norway a totally new concept for reverse vending machines where developed. The welded bag comes with a multitude of values for the end user, as ability to stand by it self and to be stacked in a pile with great stability. Handles for easy carrying, as well as various printing options. The patent pending is targeting not only reverse vending machines, but also the textile industry, various waste fractions as well as other items that need to be handled easily and effectively in large volumes.


Net Replacement Film

A revolutionary product which enhances quality while reducing cost when baling silage for livestock. The Net Replacement is a consequence of close cooperation between several OEM's and Trioplast. The product is patented and sold via Trioplast regular distribution network.


Recyclable horticulture film – a smart product for true circular economy!

Farmers and contractors in South of Europe are suing a large amount of horticulture film to make plants grow faster in a protected environment. But a lot of farmers lacks the knowledge of how to recycle and often burns the plastic film. Therefore, Trioplast, the University of Nantes, local farmers and contractors developed a system called TrioSmart.

With this system, the farmers recycle their plastic film and returns it to Trioplast to make a new one. Both innovative and sustainable – TrioSmart!


Our products are carefully tried and tested before they are launched on the market. We have a very close cooperation with customers in all our product areas, machine manufactures, universities and research institutes. The exchange of our experience and expertise with the people who are using our products is of great importance to our development process.