Our promise to you as a customer

In our business, our values ‘Reliable’,’ Long-term’ and ‘Active’ follow us in everything we do. Our core values are incorporated in Trioplast´s company culture. The same culture which is recognized in the relationships with our customers. Together they form the platform for the promise we provide to you as a customer in terms of products, packaging efficiency and productivity. In our promise, we also strive to achieve the minimal impact on the environmental.

At Trioplast it is the close cooperation with our customers and partners that is of importance. Our closeness gives an insight that provides us with knowledge of both the industries and the businesses. This on other hand opens new opportunities when it comes to developing products. We want to work close to you and be a stable partner who create a smooth an effective working process for us both. In other words, we take full responsibility that our part in your operation is working.

At Trioplast we see the benefits of ‘Long-term’ – both in terms of operating our business, developing new products, not least in the relationship with our customers and partners. As long-term partners we work together in developing future needs. Being one of Europe’s largest producers of polyethylene products it is of great importance for us to take responsibility for our environment. For us, the processing of new environmentally friendly material always plays a major and central role.

At Trioplast we are actively working with development to meet the high demands of the market. We are always responsive and make sure we are aware of material requirements and newly-developed technologies. Actually, we are attentive to all aspects of your business in terms of efficiency of time and money. At Trioplast we know how important it is to be updated and at the cutting edge when it comes to present even better solutions and products in the future.