Jovica Zivlak

“I started as an operator at Trioplast – today I am production manager with 32 members in my team,” says Jovica Zivlak, who has worked at Trioplast since 1991. Time spent with colleagues is high on Jovica’s list of priorities. “We are a team who do the job together, so it’s important that everyone in the team feels well.” That is why Jovica always tries to have time to listen to his colleagues, so that he can quickly sense if something is not quite right. “It’s something that benefits my colleagues, me as a manager and Trioplast as an employer,” he says.

As production manager, he is busy from morning until evening – from the joint morning meeting at 07.00 to work in production and daily contact with other departments at Trioplast. Cooperation is vital and the team in production works closely with marketing, purchasing and planning. “This is the basis for being efficient and supplying the best to customers. If we come across a problem in production, it’s important that the departments who are affected find out quickly, so that the fault only arises once,” says Jovica. 

He thrives at Trioplast, and is satisfied with his work duties, with Trioplast as an employer and with the variation involved in the job. For a production manager, no two days are alike – new questions arise every day that need answers. “I appreciate that freedom with responsibility applies at Trioplast. I feel I have 100% trust from my employees and that means I develop in my job and do my absolute best every day. I believe that it’s precisely that trust that makes people grow and thrive so well at Trioplast,” he concludes.