Kent Carlsson

KENT CARLSSON works as a printer at Trioplast in Landskrona. He is 45 years old and lives in Häljarp, outside Landskrona, with his wife and their three children. “I’ve worked as a printer at Trioplast for 27 years. It began with a summer job in 1989, and immediately after high school I started working at Trioplast,” says Kent, who was familiar with Trioplast already as a child. His father also worked at the printer in Landskrona. Kent explains that the job as a printer involves oversight of the entire printing process when it comes to materials and colour – ensuring the print is the right hue, that the dimensions are correct, and that the roll is even. “It’s important to maintain high quality throughout the printing process so that our customers get exactly what they expect when it comes to both quality and appearance,” he says.