Morten Andersen is the quality coordinator for Trioplast in Denmark. It’s pretty clear that he’s happy at work, especially considering the 26 years he’s worked here so far. The friendly, close-knit atmosphere between colleagues in a company culture where everyone helps each other are among the reasons he’s so happy at the facility in Nyborg.

Morten began work in the production department one fine day 26 years ago. And for the past six months, he’s been working as quality coordinator. It’s a job that includes everything from ensuring a high level of quality, to running improvement efforts and taking part in administrative work, something that Morten appreciates.

“The best thing about my job is being involved in both production and administration. It helps to ensure quality at every level,” he says.

In Morten’s opinion, Trioplast’s strength is its close collaboration with its customers. Through its insights into customer operations, Trioplast is able to help its customers quickly and effectively if ever a problem occurs.

“It’s our customers who provide us with a complete picture of the challenges they encounter. They help us develop our products in a wise, sensible way,” he says.

But for Morten and Trioplast, quality is more than just product quality.

“Quality also means that our customers know we’re here when they need us,” he says.