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Our commitment to sustainability has never been more relevant than it is today when the world is facing various global environmental challenges. As a leading player in sustainable plastic solutions, I see real opportunities for Trioplast to partner up with customers, suppliers and colleagues in the business, to tackle these challenges together. We feel strongly that a movement is emerging. People are increasingly concerned and want to increase the speed in their environmental journey – and we are there to assist.

We have demonstrated that sustainability is a very important driver for investments and innovation – and contributes to the success of our business. In recent years, Trioplast has invested in top-of-the-line equipment to be able to produce high-performance products with reduced consumption of raw material and developed technologies to use recycled plastics to a very high degree. One example is the innovative sustainable carrier bag for groceries, that we now sustainable produce with up to 92% post-consumer recycled content. I am excited by the year ahead when we will introduce our updated sustainability strategy with ambitions and commitments leading to 2030. These steps are not just critical for the future-proofing of our business – they are also what the world needs today.

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/ Andreas Malmberg, President and CEO