Trioplast protects the environment. Triogreen is the brand and the name of a concept in which Trioplast leads the field in the development and manufacture of stretch film with a very low environmental impact.

Triowrap Bio is an example of a silage stretch film based on so-called green polythene made from renewable raw materials.

“With this product, we’ve made sure we have an alternative to fossilbased stretch films to help reduce environmental impact. The innovation is in the use of ethanol derived from biomass to produce exactly the same polymer as that from current fossilbased raw materials.

In the case of Triowrap Bio, ethanol is currently produced using sugar cane as the source material in the production of polythene instead of oil, but in the future we will in all likelihood see among others Swedish forests provide the raw material,” explains Torbjörn Runesson, Development Engineer at Trioplast.

Trioplast began to produce R&D for Triowrap Bio eight years ago and is the only company today, which can offer silage stretch film made from renewable raw materials as a complement to conventional silage stretch film.

“The product works in exactly the same way as the fossil-based products, so there’s no need to forfeit function or quality if you choose Triowrap Bio.”

“Triowrap Bio is a little more expensive than fossil-based stretch film and it’s not quite as available, but as environmental awareness increases, so does market demand and we are currently also launching the product to Lantmännen in Sweden,” says Torbjörn Runesson.