Spain is making progress with the management of agricultural plastic waste, with the creation of MAPLA

MAPLA is born, the new Association of producers of plastics for agriculture that will organize a national system of management of agricultural plastic waste to boost its recycling

MAPLA's objectives are to prevent the spillage of agricultural plastics in nature, to facilitate the management of their waste, and thus increase the rates of collection and recycling of plastic. It will also allow the use of waste as resources, in line with the European Plastics Strategy, thus promoting the Circular Economy of plastic.

Currently, many of the non-packaging agricultural plastic waste is already being recycled, but an organized model makes it easier for the farmer to manage and is much more efficient. The first collection operations promoted by MAPLA are planned for the year 2021.

MAPLA invites farmers, cooperatives, marketers and distributors to join the new national model, in order to better meet farmers' expectations and the needs of the environment.

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