Traceability is a prerequisite for sustainable mass balance in the industry

As ISO is developing a new global mass balance standard for the industry, Trioplast together with three other leading representatives from the industry are calling to include traceability and transparency for credibility and transformation of the industry towards recycled and renewable materials.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO), has started work to establish a globally recognized mass balance standard for the industry. It’s hoped the new standard will drive real change, supporting the development of recycled and renewable raw materials, and the production processes needed.

This summer, work will begin on establishing a global ISO standard for mass balance in the industry. This is a process that engages many players with different views on how mass balance should be applied.
Therefore, Trioplast together with Perstorp, Sekab and Johanneberg Science park, as representatives of Swedish industry, have agreed on some principles for how mass balance should be applied in a way that is transparent and that allows a credible and long-term sustainable transition of the industry. We call it traceable mass balance and we hope it will be a guide for anyone who wants to make sustainable and responsible choices.

Mass balance is an important method for starting a large-scale phase-out of fossil raw materials and restructuring of the industry. It is about mixing fossil and recycled / renewable raw materials in existing systems and processes.

Press Release Traceable Mass Balance