Trioplast got the German certification Blue Angel

Trioplast confirme son engagement environnemental en obtenant la première écocertification blue angel pour une bâche d’ensilage.

Blue angel is the world’s oldest environmental certification. From German origin, its interest lies in its criterias requirements.
This independent certification organization requires that the marketed product contains a minimum of 80% recycled material from post-consumer waste. The ecolabel can only be obtained after the raw material has been certified by the European organization, called Eucertplast.

Trioplast’s wish is to participate actively in the reuse of plastic and to help simplify its transformation and reuse. This is why 100% of the products marketed by the group are 100% recyclable in traditional recycling channels.

This new performance allows Trioplast to confirm its first place among environmentally friendly companies in the agricultural plastics industry.

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