We are farmers


At Trioplast we are driven by finding new ways to increase efficiency. In the field of agriculture, we are committed to increasing efficiency and profitability and improving the sustainability of farmers and contractors who work with our products and solutions. Users of Trioplast products for horticulture can be sure that we never compromise on quality because your values ​​are important to us.

Trioplast has a very close cooperation with entrepreneurs and farmers. The exchange of experiences between our product specialists and those who use our products daily plays a very important role in our development process.

We have carefully chosen raw materials and allowed farmers, contractors, machine manufacturers and independent research institutes to test our films.

Actigreen M7

Protect your corn crop yield

Trioplast mulching films for corn improve germination and stimulate root development. The use of Trioplast Actigreen M7 leads to an overall faster growth of the plant, an increase of dry matter ratio and a generally improved crop quality. It also makes water management more efficient, especially during a dry spring. Actigreen M7 is the key to an earlier corn harvest in the autumn, when the soil is not too wet, yet. With care for the environment, the product is made from a biodegradable polyethylene based on an eco-concept issued by the farming industry, which deteriorates at a controlled rate on the soil.


Secure yield of maize crop

Trioplast maize mulching films create better conditions for the seed germination and are stimulating the development of the root system. The plant growth will accelerate, increased dry matter and better crop homogeneity will be achieved as well as a more efficient management of water resource especially when spring is dry. Using Trioplast maize mulching range is also a key to achieve earlier harvest of maize in the fall, when soil is still not too humid. Trioplast maize mulching assortment combines an easy application and a controlled degradation of the film.