The importance of being happy with your partner should not be underestimated. Cofa Plastics AB is one of Trioplast’s oldest customers. The company began operations in 1954 and launched its partnership with Trioplast at some point in the 1980s.

Over the passing years, Trioplast and Cofa Plastics AB have had a close partnership that has contributed in many ways to the product development of refuse sacks. Cofa Plastics’ proximity to the market and end user has allowed them to quickly detect customers’ needs and wishes for products, which is valuable for Trioplast. Mats Johansson, CEO Cofa Plastics, is satisfied with the partnership with Trioplast. “We feel like a link between end user and Trioplast. We listen to the end users wishes, discuss them with Trioplast, and find a way to meet the customer’s needs together. We have an ongoing dialogue to help make each other better, which is probably a large part of the secret behind our multi-year partnership,” he says. “And you can never forget that a successful partnership is always based on good relationships between people, and well, simply put, we’re really happy together.”