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At Trioplast we are driven by finding new ways to increase efficiency. In the field of agriculture, we are committed to increase efficiency and profitability as well as improving the sustainability for farmers and contractors who work with our products and solutions. As a user of Trioplast products for silage and storage of high quality feed you can be sure that we never compromise on quality because your values ​​are important to us. Our silage sheet assortment is wide and developed for different market needs.

Trioplast has a very close cooperation with entrepreneurs and farmers. The exchange of experiences between our product specialists and those who use our products daily plays a very important role in our development process.

We have carefully chosen raw materials and allowed farmers and contractors to test our films during different circumstances.

Silage sheet

Wide sheet

Silage sheets are used to conserve and store fodder in a way that preserves the high nutrition value of the crop. By ensiling crop in a bunker silo the animals can be fed with high quality fodder all year around.   

A bunker silo can be dimensioned as required and primarily has advantages in the case of very large herds. A bunker silo requires a major investment and the right insertion capacity for the herd size. Good distribution and packing of the plant material as well as careful coverage are mandatory to achieve a good profitability. The functionality of the silage sheet is to achieve an anaerobic environment to secure a high qualitative ensiling process. 


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