Trioplasts Anders Larsson in IKEM Board of the Future

IKEM - Innovation and Chemical Industries in Sweden is an industrial and employer organization representing around 1 400 Swedish and foreign-owned companies with a common vision for sustainable growth: developing industrial solutions to global societal challenges.

To understand more clearly, discuss and find solutions to future challenges to the industry, IKEM has formed a Board of the Future, with young future leaders, all representatives of member companies. Anders Larsson, Product Manager for Agri Stretch within Trioplast group, has been chosen to be included on the Board of the Future.

The Board of the Future met for the first time in March 2017. In conjunction  with IKEM´s 100-year anniversary in May, another meeting was held to carry out a major review of the industry's top challenges, and Anders Larsson commented on the work: 

"One of the most evident challenges for the Chemical- and Plastics Industry is to ensure the right skills to the industry when the “battle for workforce” is stepped up. We see that the Chemical- and Plastic industry generally has greater challenges than, for example, the IT and communications industry or media industry on these issues. Another challenge is to, in an objective, yet interesting and accessible way, share to the world chemistry as a positive prerequisite for our society. The chemistry is ever present in our lives -  we could not do without "everyday" chemistry. Even plastics are essential for a sustainable society. This is not always the easiest message to convey in today's media landscape where rapid messages of, for example, the negative effects of plastics over shadows its positive impact on the environment. "

Anders continues: 
"In the Board of the Future, we believe that we best meet these challenges as early as possible. We need to better inform and take discussion on chemistry and plastics already in primary schools, to generate a solid interest in learning more in this area. Among other things, how we, as perhaps the world's best recycling nation, can help steer other countries into more recycling of plastic instead of putting it in landfills or incinerating it. If we take this discussion early, we will strengthen the industry and build the foundation for a sustainable society ".

Trioplast and the Chemical and Plastic industries supports the Board of the Future and Anders in their further work for a sustainable society.

IKEMS Board of the Future:
Hasan Abdul Hussoon, Cambrex Karlskoga AB
Ylva Agell, Nynas
Charlotte Bergek, AkzoNobel
Karin Comstedt Webb, HeidelbergCement
Hanna Elf, Nordic Sugar
Anna Kartberg, AstraZeneca
Anders Larsson, Trioplast AB
Emil Lindén, Bergo Flooring AB
Pär Lindén, Univar
Henrik Lindström, GE Healthcare
Per Christian Nilsson, Berendsen Textil Service 

Members not in the picture:
Adam Jomaa, Kemira Kemi
Marcus Kierkegaard, Borealis
Frida Lannerheim, Perstorp Holding
Rickard Svensson, BIM Kemi